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Nice One

Makes me wonder, where does he think of all those baby names? This should be a meme, Pow.


You humans may be- er- we humans may be stupid but at least you're smarter than any animal on earth. I mean we're smarter, we are smarter than any animal...


Hey, when you're dehydrated, in a desert, and full of piss, what else are you going to do? Make water out of thin air?

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My own feelings.

I'll start by saying that I am a romantic guy. I like the thought of an unbreakable bond. When I found the character, me, was in the hospital, and the nurse asked "Why I did it." I thought "To save her?", but then the story ended and there was no elaboration. After reading the comments I saw how the drug and cutting instance would make sense. However, being the romance-lover I like my version better. Thank you for a nice story that could possibly have multiple meanings, depending on the player.

One of My Personal Favorites

The game-play was incredibly complex, but easy to understand. This game holds humor, levels, challenge, and immersion that most games, flash or otherwise, don't have. The art with more pixels (Flashback and Portrait) could use some work but it was otherwise quite enjoyable. After I had gotten 100% on the game and went back, I saw the demo of what I assume is part two in the series. 'Gathering Up' is what I think you said it would be called. I haven't found part two if it was released, but I'll save my game code anyway. It has been two years, but I have quite the patience built up, mainly from authors like Hero Interactive and their 'Bubble Tanks' franchise. This is the second time I have beaten 'Level Up!' (except this time I collected all the gems and I actually beat the shadow multiple times) and it was a journey full of nostalgic memories, excuse me for the pun. In the long run, I had a wonderful time playing this again, and I'm hoping for the next. Thank you and good day.

Pretty damn good/short game

The only thing I have to ask is...why is it that lasers always lag any computer I use them with? Seriously, any freaking game I play with a controllable and continuous beam of lasers it makes the game screw up and lag like hell.

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Pretty good but...

I think you need to increase the temp between the looped sounds towards the beginning. Other than that, it's pretty enjoyable.

a lil static

great for a first song (thx for the review on mine) its got a little static but the echo was good

one error

eiffel 65's song s called "blue" not "im blue"

Catstuffer responds:

Hey, im not trying to break any possible copy write laws ; )

Thanks for the review


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